TRACS System Information

TRACS System Requirements

To view the latest system changes, visit the TRACS Release Notes page.


Note: TRACS is designed for use on a personal computer/workstation and is not supported on mobile devices at this time.

CPUIntel i3 or equivalent
CPUIntel i5 or equivalent
Resolution1920x1080 or greater

Software Operating System

TRACS will run on any operating system which is compatible with supported Web Browsers.

Web Browser

TRACS is designed to work best with the latest Chromium or Firefox derived browsers (minimum version in parentheses).

Google Chrome (80+)

Microsoft Edge (80+)

Mozilla Firefox (74+)

*note: Internet Explorer is not recommended.

PDF Reader

TRACS requires a PDF reader with browser plug-in such as Adobe Reader.

For more, visit the TRACS Troubleshooting Tips page.