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Basic Grants Management (BGM)

Course Type: Instructor-led classroom training 

Course Duration: 32 hours (4 days, in-person)

Course Contact: Heidi Nelson (heidi_nelson@fws.gov or 503-412-8637)

Course Description: This course provides a basic overview of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) Program and the financial assistance grant programs that WSFR administers.  The course focuses on a basic understanding of the laws, regulations, and policies/procedures under WSFR-administered financial assistance grant programs, with a strong emphasis on the Wildlife Restoration and Sport Fish Restoration programs.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the grants management lifecycle including pre-award, award, post-award, closeout, and post-closeout.  Topics will focus on writing approvable project statements, environmental / historic compliance, submitting complete application packages, reviewing Notice of Awards, allowable costs, reporting requirements, and closing out completed grant awards.  

Participants will listen to lecture and then work individually and in small groups to answer questions/exercises aimed at highlighting specific learning points.  

Who should take this course: This course is targeted towards applicant/recipient staff who are new to their positions (less than 12 months experience) responsible for the coordination and/or financial administration of WSFR awards.  This typically includes program coordinators, fiscal staff, and other recipient staff who manage budgets associated with WSFR awards.  

This course is also beneficial for new WSFR staff who review, approve, manage and monitor, and close out WSFR awards.  Service policy 232 FW 1 requires all WSFR personnel who work with WSFR-administered grant programs to complete the Basic Grants Management Class or the Basic Financial Assistance course.

Attendance and completion of the Basic Grants Management or the Basic Financial Assistance course is a pre-requisite for participants to enroll in the Advanced Grants Management.  

Course Objectives: The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a conceptual and working knowledge of the basic administrative and financial issues associated with applying for, receiving, managing, and closing out financial assistance awards under the WSFR program.  The goal is to empower participants to more effectively manage award funding, reduce audit findings, improve compliance with administrative and financial rule and regulations, and promote national consistency throughout the WSFR-administered programs.  The objectives of the course are to increase increase participant's knowledge, skills, and abilities related to:  

  • Describing the various financial assistance programs administered by WSFR.
  • Understanding of financial assistance laws, regulations (including 2 CFR 200 and 50 CFR 80), policies, and procedures.
  • Describing the roles and responsibilities of federal and state/grantee partners in managing WSFR awards.
  • Developing, submitting, and managing a WSFR award.
  • Using the WSFR Toolkit as a financial assistance resource.
  • Building a network of professional grant management contacts.

Course Availability / Enrollment: This course is taught twice a year.  The course is typically taught in Spring at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV.  Additionally, the course is also taught in Fall at the WSFR Regional Office in Lakewood, CO.  

BGM hosted at WSFR Region 6 HQ (134 Union Blvd., Lakewood, CO. 80228) scheduled for August 21-24, 2023.  Registration is at capacity for this class and has now closed.

Enroll now iconBGM hosted at BGM hosted at National Conservation Training Center (698 Conservation Way, Shepherdstown, WV.) scheduled for April 8-11, 2024 Click here to register.  Registration will close on December 30, 2023, or earlier if class reaches capacity.

Enroll now iconBGM hosted at WSFR Region 6 HQ (134 Union Blvd., Lakewood, CO. 80228) scheduled for August 19-22, 2024.  Click here to register.  Registration will close on May 15, 2024, or earlier if class reaches capacity.

Tuition/Cost: Tuition is free (paid by WSFR Program). Students are responsible for lodging, per diem, and all travel costs. For classes held at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) in Shepherdstown, WV, please refer to the NCTC campus/lodging rates for lodging costs (includes meals) and campus/shuttle for shuttle service cost/information. For classes held in other locations, students will be responsible for securing their own travel and lodging accommodations.

Accessibility: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to providing access to this course (event) for all participants. Please direct all requests for sign language interpreting services, close captioning, or other accommodation needs to Heidi Nelson (heidi_nelson@fws.gov or 503-412-8637).

Financial Assistance Toolkit:

Persons attending the Basic Grants Management course will learn to use a variety of resources, including the WSFR Toolkit.  The WSFR Toolkit is an online collection of financial assistance laws, regulations, policies, and guidance related to the WSFR-administered financial assistance programs.  To access the WSFR Toolkit, please click here