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Grant Solutions Performance Report Due Date Issue Resolved

Grant Solutions Performance Report Due Date Issue Resolved

by Yonah Cohen -
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The WSFR leadership team is happy to announce that TRACS has now been updated to include reporting periods and reporting due dates from GS which accurately reflect the due dates for each award.  As a result, performance reports can now move forward in TRACS.   ​

Please note that this "Plan B" is a manual process and may need to be repeated in the future. Grant Solutions (GS) will hopefully be able to provide reporting periods and reporting due dates to TRACS in the near future.  Once the GS enhancement is available, the PAR Branch will create an automated, weekly import process to keep report schedules in sync with GS. A huge thank you to Debbie Unbehagen and her FASO staff who worked with the BIO to calculate dates from data available in PPR reports.  And a huge thanks to Dan Hogan and the PAR Branch staff who updated periods of performance in TRACS for almost 6,000 awards. 

This GS reporting due date issue may have caused States to go into noncompliance with their reporting due dates.  We recommend adding a grant note to the affected awards in GS documenting that we do not consider the late submission of the report as noncompliance.  All past due reports must be brought into full compliance by April 22, 2022.  

Sample Grant Note:

The performance report for (insert award number) due (insert report due date) was received after the due date. At the time, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was experiencing an information technology issue that prevented the State's submission of the report by the due date.  Accordingly, the submission of this report past the due date is not considered noncompliance by the State. 

Please share this message with your staff and State partners.  Debbie Wircenske at the TRACS Help Desk is ready to assist with any questions or issues (  Contact Tim Smith at if you have any questions regarding this memo.