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Age Discrimination

A law against age discrimination related to the sale or renting or a property became law in 1972. Proven violations of this law result in a possible fine and the loss of federal dollars. Lending institutions and title closing companies also fall under the wide scope of this law.

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American League of Anglers and Boaters.

Entry link: ALAB


Means to assign funds to a specific purpose.

Entry link: Allocate


The process of assigning a cost, or a group of costs, to one or more cost objective(s), in reasonable proportion to the benefit provided or other equitable relationship. The process may entail assigning a cost(s) directly to a final cost objective or through one or more intermediate cost objectives.

Entry link: Allocation

Allowable Cost

Cost, incurred by a non-Federal entity carrying out a grant that meets certain criteria set forth in the applicable Federal cost principles.

These costs may be direct or indirect cots either charged to the award or used to meet match requirements.
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Is any post award action taken on a grant, including but limited to budget revisions, change in scope, and change in period of performance.

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Administrative Procedures Act

Entry link: APA


Area of Potential Effect

Entry link: APE

Application for Federal Assistance (AFA)

The Standard OMB form, Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424, AFA) used to submit a request for grant funding. It is used as the cover sheet for the grant application package.

Entry link: Application for Federal Assistance (AFA)

Application Package

Applicants are responsible for (1) preparing and submitting application packages in accordance with the program’s Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), and (2) providing assurances of their intent to comply with all applicable Federal laws, regulations, and policies. Included in the application package are proposal documents outlining in sufficient detail the need, objectives, approach, estimated costs, and other required information for the proposed project(s).

Entry link: Application Package

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