2022 TRACS Webinars for Puerto Rico Project Leaders

The WSFR Program hosted a TRACS Grant Entry and Performance Reporting Webinar for Project Leaders with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, conducted by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) Program.  

This webinar provided an introduction to TRACS and a demo on how to enter a grant into TRACS from the grant proposal and project statement through the performance reporting steps.  This course was held over an online Microsoft Teams session from 10am-4:30pm AT/ET on May 19th 2022 and an alternate session was held on May 25th 2022. Note the session included a lunch break followed by a one hour policies and procedures review with James Duffy (WSFR Grant Specialist) and Magaly Massanet Rodriguez (Federal Aid Coordinator), which was not recorded. 

To view the recordings of the webinar, please click on the video files below:

If you have follow-up general TRACS related questions, please contact Yonah Cohen (TRACS Training) at yonah_cohen@fws.gov. For policy and procedure questions, please contact Magaly Massanet Rodriguez (Puerto Rico DNER Federal Aid Coordinator) at mmassanet@drna.pr.gov and James "Jim" Duffy (WSFR Grant Specialist) at james_duffy@fws.gov

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