What's New with TRACS - V2.20 (Dec. 17th 2021) Release Highlights

What's New with TRACS - V2.20 (Dec. 17th 2021) Release Highlights

by Yonah Cohen -
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On December 17th 2021, the TRACS development team released some new features and enhancements under the direction of the TRACS Working Group and approved by the WSFR leadership team. 

System updates are documented on the TRACS Release Notes page. 

Below are some highlights of the latest release:

Performance Reporting
  • The performance report workflow has been streamlined to reduce the number of screens and allow users to see the performance data on one page. Visit Course 4: Performance Reporting for the updated eLearning videos and materials.

  • Real Property and Facility Records must now have a status of "Final Approved" to be available to link to the performance report. 
  • The objective title field increased to allow 1,000 characters
  • The delete option for objectives and activities now includes a validation pop-up asking the user to confirm the deletion as a safeguard.

FBMS Award
  • In the FBMS award, the federal award amount no longer rounds to the nearest dollar (displays with cents)
Real Property

The Real Property record has been updated with the following Land Match fields:

  • On the 'Transaction Parties' page, there are new check boxes for "Is this land as match?" and "Is this a land back used as match?"

  • On the 'Summary of Real Property Costs' page, there is a new 'Land as Match' amount field.