Introduction:  A national virtual workshop for state Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) coordinators was held on June 30, 2022.  The three-hour workshop was designed to provide state coordinators/applicants of the BIG Program a training opportunity focused specifically on developing competitive Tier 2 applications.  The workshop presenters included federal, state, and State’s Organization for Boating Access (SOBA) representatives, each bringing their own extensive experience in the BIG program to the workshop.  Content included an overview of the national scoring and ranking process, guidance on application submission using the approved online portals, a detailed review of the FY23 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), state-specific internal grant processes, a discussion on the mechanics of a good application, and overview of SOBA’s Applicant’s Guide to the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program, perspectives from a member of the National Review Panel, a recap of application red flags and reminders, and an extensive question and answer session. The workshop was attended by 64 participants representing 25 states.

   Click here for a copy of the workshop agenda. 

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Session Presentations and Reference Materials:

1. Powerpoint presentationNational Application / Scoring / Awarding Process - Brad Gunn, WSFR Boating Programs National Lead

2. Powerpoint presentationGrant Application Submission Logistics - Scott Meister, WSFR Region 4 BIG Coordinator

3. Powerpoint presentationNOFO Review - Bill Perry, WSFR Region 5 BIG Coordinator

4. Powerpoint presentationInternal State Processes / Timeliness / Scoring Committee - Nick Wallover, SC Big Coordinator

5. Powerpoint presentationWhat Makes a Good Application? - Bill Perry, WSFR Region 5 BIG Coordinator

6. Powerpoint presentationSOBA's Application Guide Overview - Preston Smith, VA BIG Coordinator

7. Powerpoint presentationNational Reviewer's Perspective - Janine Belleque, OR BIG Coordinator

8. Powerpoint presentationRed Flags and Reminders - Scott Meister, WSFR Region 4 BIG Coordinator

9.  50 CFR 86 - Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Regulation

10. pdf fileFY2023 BIG Tier 2 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

11. pdf fileSOBA Applicant Guide to the BIG Program

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