The Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) program has established a Subject Matter Expert (SME) team as part of the JTF-SOP for Policy to establish a process for both WSFR and State representatives to review and provide proposed updates to 50 CFR 80 "Administrative Requirements, Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Acts".  The scope of the SME teams efforts were to: (1) review and make alignments with 2 CFR 200; (2) incorporated legislative changes as a result of passage of the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act and the Modernizing the Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow's Needs Act; (3) incorporate changes and updates to license certification requirements at the request of AFWA and the JTF; (4) provide technical changes, clarifications, and enhancements; and (5) provide changes supported by WSFR management and/or identified through the JTF.

The WSFR program hosted an open forum webinar, as part of the review and commenting process, to inform States and Partners about the proposed revisions to 50 CFR 80.  This open forum was hosted on February 7, 2023.  To view a recording of the open forum webinar, please click the link below.  

Click here to view the recording of the open forum.

States and Partners can access the resources associated with the review and comment period by either option below.  The deadline for comments to be submitted to WSFR is March 3, 2023.   

(1) 50 CFR 80 Sharepoint site: click here to access

  • Access to the sharepoint site may require you to be granted access.  If you do not have access, please email Diana Swan-Pinion (  

(2) Fish & Wildlife Service Financial Assistance Wiki site: click here to access

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