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      • Welcome to the Office of Conservation Investment

        Training Portal

        The Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program is now the Office of Conservation Investment.

        The Office of Conservation Investment funds conservation and connects people with nature through grants that support conservation efforts with partners. We provide technical assistance and administer grants that distribute millions of dollars annually to support fish and wildlife conservation, habitat conservation, clean water, fish and wildlife health, imperiled and endangered species conservation, coastal wetlands enhancement, public safety programs, and outdoor access pursuits like hunting, fishing, target shooting, and boating. To learn more, visit: https://www.fws.gov/program/office-conservation-investment

        On this site, you will find online courses designed to provide federal grant managers and state grant recipients with training on the grant management process. This site has two main training categories: Financial Assistance Training, which covers topics related to grant management, and TRACS Training, which covers the tracking and reporting system to capture conservation and related actions funded by these grant programs.

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        Getting Started

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        Financial Assistance Training

        Financial Assistance (FA) training equips state and federal grant managers with the knowledge and skills to deal effectively with grant management processes and issues.


        TRACS Training

        Learn more about TRACS, the tracking and reporting system designed by the Office of Conservation Investment to capture conservation and related actions funded by its grant programs.