TRACS Best Practice Guidelines and FAQs

WSFR Training Portal

1.  Do you need to login to access the eLearning courses or can any of our staff access it?

No, you do not need a login to access the WSFR Training Portal. All content on the WSFR training portal is accessible as a guest. If the ‘log in’ screen opens, click the green ‘log in as guest’ button.

2.  Is there a Word template available for the performance reports?

Yes, Word templates are available for the Grant Proposal & Project Statement(s), the Performance Report and the Performance Questionnaire. A template is available for the CMS (Comprehensive Management Grant) Grant Proposal and Project Statement as well.  The templates are available to be downloaded from the TRACS Resources and Job Aids page in the ‘Grant Translation Templates’ section (located below the Matrix toolbox).