What's New with TRACS - 2023 Mid-Year Highlights

What's New with TRACS - 2023 Mid-Year Highlights

by Yonah Cohen -
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The TRACS development team releases new features and enhancements under the direction of the TRACS Working Group and approved by the WSFR leadership team. 

System updates are documented on the TRACS Release Notes page. 

Below are some highlights of the 2023 releases as of mid-year (August 1, 2023):

  • Matrix changes include new Activity Tag 1’s for the Strategy of Planning (added three new objectives for State Wildlife Action Plans) and the Strategy of Training/Education (Activity Tag 2s changed to Activity Tag 1s). 
    • Review the Matrix Revision Log to see the list of changes and revisions.
    • The TRACS Performance Matrix has been updated to version 20 (updated on 6/30/2023) and is available on the TRACS Resources & Job Aids page. Please ensure you have the latest version of the Matrix to reference. 
    • Note: Training/Education activities with the old format (entered prior to the release on 6/30/2023) have been tagged with "legacy" in the system and on PDF outputs, ex. Aquatic education (legacy). Please review the TRACS Matrix Changes and Legacy Objectives Job Aid.

  • Terminology changes throughout application to match policy language: 
    • "Grant" and "FBMS SAP/PO #" changed to "Federal Award"
    • "Title" to "Name” (grant name, statement name, objective name)
    • "Grantee" and "Subgrantee" replaced with "Recipient" and "Subrecipient"
    • "Grantor" replaced with "Federal awarding agency" 

  • Target start/end dates removed from the Project Statements Objectives and all related outputs 

  • Date Picker calendar changed from drop down menus for Month and Year to clickable links that open a Month list and Year list. Also the entry format for typing the date into the field changed from YYYY-MM-DD with dashes to the more standard MM/DD/YYYY format with slashes.