Highlights of 2020 TRACS Updates

Highlights of 2020 TRACS Updates

by Yonah Cohen -
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Since the newly redesigned TRACS system was launched in June 2020, the PAR Branch continues to work on system improvements, bug fixes and adding new features. Future updates are under the direction of the TRACS Working Group, comprised of 29 State and Federal system users. 

System updates are documented on the TRACS Release Notes page. Below are some highlights of the 2020 Updates (Post-Release):

1. Custom/Hybrid Species Option

Custom Species is the option to search for species that are not found in any other databases, such as newly classified species/sub-species or hybrid species. If the custom species is not found in any other search, select “Add New Custom Species”. Enter the species or hybrid Name, Common Name, Rank (optional), and check the box if it is a hybrid. For more information, visit Lesson 5a: Enter Species Information

2. Added capability to select WMAs (Wildlife Management Areas) in the Performance Module and Real Property Records.

3. PDF Look and Feel Updates

4.  Federal Contacts Box Added to Grant Proposal, Real Property Record and Facility Record.

Grant Proposal Contacts now include  "Federal Grant Specialists". 

Real Property and Facility Records contacts now include "Federal Points of Contact" and "Non-Federal Points of Contact".

5. Weblink to Performance Matrix location (Job Aids and Resources page) added to New Objectives page

6. User Administrators can now disable/enable users within their Organization

For more information, visit Course 9: User Management.