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Deductive Program Income

Deductive income is defined as program funds that are deducted, or off-set, from the total award's allowable costs to determine the net allowable costs on which the sponsor's share of costs is based. Unless otherwise approved in the grant award, use of program income defaults to deductive for States. Funding used in accordance with the deductive method shall not exceed total approved award amount per regulation.

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Reducing the amount of funds obligated to a grant.

Entry link: Deobligation

Dingell-Johnson Act (DJ)

Passed in 1950, is now known as Sport Fish Restoration. Revenues generated from these excise taxes are apportioned to state wildlife agencies for their state fish restoration and management plans/projects, fishing and boating recreation management.

Entry link: Dingell-Johnson Act (DJ)

Director's Order (D.O.)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director's Orders are temporary delegations, emergency directives, special assignments, and initial policy or guidance for evolving activities.

Entry link: Director's Order (D.O.)

Disallowed Costs

Those charges to a Federal award that the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity determines to be unallowable, in accordance with the applicable Federal statutes, regulations, or the terms and conditions of the Federal award.

Entry link: Disallowed Costs

Discretionary Award

An award in which the Federal awarding agency, in keeping with specific statutory authority that enables the agency to exercise judgment (“discretion”), selects the recipient and/or the amount of Federal funding awarded through a competitive process or based on merit of proposals. A discretionary award may be selected on a non-competitive basis, as appropriate.

Entry link: Discretionary Award

Discretionary Program

A program with an authorizing statute that allows the government to exercise judgment in selecting the project, recipient, and/or the amount of the award through a competitive process. In general, we must provide the public, when meeting applicable eligibility requirements, the opportunity to compete for discretionary awards.

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A diversion occurs when any portion of license revenues is used for any purpose other than the administration of the State fish and wildlife agency.

Entry link: Diversion


Dingell - Johnson Act (a.k.a. Sport Fish Restoration Act)

Entry link: DJ


Department Manual (Department of the Interior)

Entry link: DM

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