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Biological Assessment

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Bargain Sale

A sale of property for less than its fair market value.  The difference between the fair market value and the sale price is considered an in-kind contribution by the seller.

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Basic Hunter Eduction (BHE)

The subprogram authorized at 16 U.S.C. 669g(b), described at 50 CFR 80.50(b), and sometimes referred to by practitioners as “Section 4c Hunter Ed” to describe the section in the Wildlife Restoration Act the source of funding for BHE was added by Pub. L. 91-503 (October 23, 1970).

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Basic Financial Assistance course.

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Basic Grants Management course.

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Boating Infrastructure Grant program provides grant funds to the State wildlife and fish agencies to construct renovate, and maintain tie-up facilities with features for transient boaters in vessels 26 feet or more in length, and to produce/distributed information and education materials about the program.

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The financial plan for the project or program that the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity approves during the Federal award process or in subsequent amendments to the Federal award. It may include the Federal and non-Federal share or only the Federal share, as determined by the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity.

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Budget Narrative

The "Budget Narrative" is a critical element in the Project Statement which reflects the cost estimates by project and subaccount program with additional information to show that the project is cost effective. Applicants should provide a justification for each budget category. This justification should be a brief general description of the costs that makeup the category, yet provide enough detail to demonstrate that the applicant has a financial plan for implementation of the proposed objectives.

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Budget Period

The time interval from the start date of a funded portion of an award to the end date of that funded portion during which recipients are authorized to expend the funds awarded, including any funds carried forward or other revisions pursuant to § 200.308.

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