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National Business Center located within the Department of the Interior, provides business management systems and services support for the Offices and Bureaus within the Department, as well as federal agencies outside the Department.

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National Conservation Training Center -The Professional development and training center for the Fish and Wildlife Service located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

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The "Need" is a critical element in the Project Statement which identifies a conservation issue, problem, or opportunity.

  • Explain how project fulfills purpose of Act(s).
  • Evidence such as research, surveys, etc.
  • Articulate the null alternative (negative result of taking no action).
  • Ask yourself, “Why does this project need to be funded?”

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National Environmental Policy Act - The National Environmental Policy Act requires every federal agency to review the effect of its actions on the environment. NEPA compliance is handled via categorical exclusions, environmental assessments or environmental impact statements.

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Non-Federal Entity.

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Notice of Grant Award.

The Notice of Grant Award, the central component of the grant life cycle, is a legal document authorizing the recipient to expend Federal funds.  The Notice of Grant Award sets the award-specific terms and conditions, and provisions; and acts as the basis for all future monitoring and evaluation activities conducted the the program and the recipient.

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National Historic Preservation Act (1966)

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Notice of Award

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Entry link: NOAA


Notice of Funding Opportunity

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