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Operation and Maintenance

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The "Objective" is a critical element in the Project Statement that captures the desired outcome of the proposed project in terms that are specific and quantified.

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A commitment of federal funds to a grant.

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Office of Conservation Investment

The Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program is now the Office of Conservation Investment. The Office of Conservation Investment funds conservation and connects people with nature through grants that support conservation efforts with partners. We provide technical assistance and administer grants that distribute millions of dollars annually to support fish and wildlife conservation, habitat conservation, clean water, fish and wildlife health, imperiled and endangered species conservation, coastal wetlands enhancement, public safety programs, and outdoor access pursuits like hunting, fishing, target shooting, and boating. To learn more visit:

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Office of Inspector General

The Department of Interior Office of Inspector General coordinates all audits, investigations, and other activities in the Department designed to promote economy and efficiency or prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse.

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Office of Management and Budget.

A branch of the Executive Office of the President. OMB helps the President formulate his spending plans, evaluates the effectiveness of agency programs, and sets funding priorities.

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Activities done on a frequent cycle (daily, weekly, monthly – more often than cyclical maintenance) and are actions that support the availability of the facility and its components for current public use. Operations may be physical or administrative.

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Costs in excess of the total approved grant cost, but were necessary and reasonable to accomplish the grant objectives.

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Ownership Interest

Who owns the land the grantee, another state agency or a third party.

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Organization of Wildlife Planners.

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