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Public Description

A short publically‐viewable narrative or abstract that summarizes the project’s purpose, benefits, approach, and impacts.

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Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

Also known as the Government Survey System established in 1785 to sell land in the Northwest Territory using grids and squares the township system. Used now in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and all states north of the Ohio River and all states west of the Mississippi River except Texas and Hawaii.

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Public Target Range

Defined as  a specific location that—

(a) Is identified by a governmental agency for recreational shooting;

(b) Is open to the public;

(c) May be supervised; and

(d) May accommodate archery or rifle, pistol, or shotgun shooting. (Pub. L. 116-17)

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Purchase Price

The amount that the Grantor (name on the deed) agrees to sell the real property interest to the purchaser (Title holder on deed).

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The "Purpose" is a critical element in the Project Statement which states the desired outcome of the proposed project in general or abstract terms. 

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