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Safety Margin

A technique used to “age” unused or unspent funds when grant funds are deobligated by the closing of a grant, the cancellation of a grant or at the request of the grantee. The purpose is to determine if the deobligated funds remain within their period of availability without actually having to identify the year they were apportioned.

Entry link: Safety Margin


System for Award Management.

Entry link: SAM


The federal award identifier associated with the grant (e.g. F12FA00001).

Entry link: SAP/PO (FBMS) #


Standard Form

Entry link: SF


Standard Form Application for Federal Assistance

Entry link: SF-424


Standard Form Budget Information - Non-Construction Programs

Entry link: SF-424A


Standard Form Assurances - Non-Construction Programs

Entry link: SF-424B


Standard Form Budget Information - Construction Programs

Entry link: SF-424C


Standard Form Assurances - Construction Programs

Entry link: SF-424D


Standard Form Federal Financial Report 

Entry link: SF-425

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