TRACS Training Environment

TRACS has both a live system and a training environment, which is a copy of the live site used for training purposes only. Make sure you are accessing the correct environment!

 Practice what you have learned in the TRACS Training environment:  
How to register for access:

Do NOT register for an account for the training environment directly – instead register for the live system ( 

You must have an approved account in the live system before you can access the training environment (login with the same credentials). Our development team will periodically import approved users from the live system into the training environment. Keep in mind that the training environment looks almost identical to the live system, but has "training" in the web address URL and a red warning pop-up box when you first login so make sure you are in the right place. Also the training environment is just for practice and testing - data is not saved and cannot be transferred to the live system. It is a great place to practice and play with the system in a "safe space".

Registration instructions for Non-Federal users here: Lesson 1c eLearning Video - Register as a Non-Federal User

Registration instructions for Federal users here: Lesson 1c eLearning Video - Register as a Federal User

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