WSFR Online Project Leaders

This course provides a basic overview of grant requirements and processes for WSFR grant project leaders (state agency staff) with emphasis on the knowledge and use of the Service guidance, regulations, rules and supplemental documents in writing grant proposals, project statements, and annual performance reports. The course also covers practical issues relating to budgeting, compliance issues, inventory control, outreach and interaction with state and federal grant managers. 

Real Property Technical Appraisal Reviews

This course will fully explain all steps of the Appraisal Review process and the roles and responsibilities of a technical review appraiser.

Target Audience:  State certified or licensed review appraisers who conduct technical appraisal reviews for real property being acquired by DOI bureaus or through federal financial assistance.

WSFR Administrative Review of Real Property Appraisals

This online training will provide guidance for federal grant management specialists or other persons tasked with performing an administrative review of real property appraisals prepared for federal land acquisitions. Thorough, complete and accurate appraisals and appraisal reviews must adhere to the highest standards. The training is intended to assist reviewers with confirming the integrity of real property appraisals and review reports done for the Department of the Interior and to enhance public trust in the estimate of market value that the buyer provides the seller. 

Introduction to the Office of Conservation Investment Video Series

Whether you are new to the field of conservation or have dedicated your entire career to this cause...whether you are an employee of a state or Federal agency, or work in the private sector...your mastery of wildlife conservation should include a thorough understanding of America's Office of Conservation Investment.