TRACS System Information

TRACS Release Notes

Since the newly redesigned TRACS system was launched in June 2020, the PAR Branch continues to work on system improvements and adding new features. Future updates are under the direction of the TRACS Working Group, comprised of 29 State and Federal system users. 

TRACS release notes document the latest system updates and new features that improve the TRACS live (production) system and all environments. Release notes are listed below newest to oldest. 

Production Release Version 2.19 (10/08/2021)

Visit the What's New with TRACS - Indirect Cost Statement, Text Editor and New Administrative Module announcement for highlights.

  • Indirect Cost Statement changed to fillable PDF rather than form entry in the performance module 
  • Updated copy forward tool to reflect new fillable PDF requirement for Indirect Cost Statement   
  • POP (Period of Performance) report due dates uploaded for grants with due dates between December 2020 and March 2021 
  • Added color and highlighting to text editor tool  
  • CSS improvements to the Apportionment Module such as header and font sizes, improved homepage image, and navigation on verifying apportionment factor sets 
  • Apportionment module factor sets added 
  • Apportionment field names adjusted to match best practices 
  • Added help text, improved navigation for breadcrumbs and links and updated footnotes within Apportionment Module  
  • Trial Apportionments title changed to Hypothetical Apportionments   
  • Created validation to prevent changing amount on apportionments during corrections  
  • Updated User Management Module to accommodate management of roles related to License Certification and Apportionment 
  • Added additional breadcrumbs and links to help in user navigation for License Certification  
  • Fixed workflow issues with License Certification approvals, updated automatic save feature in-between pages, and fixed validation requirement for fishing revision notes 
  • Fixed ‘create new certification’ button to only load as clickable when applicable    
  • Improved progress bar on License Certification approvals to update as approvals occur   
  • Added help text, verified number fields have commas, and allow for users to enter ‘0’ value for license certifications  
  • Adjusted location names on License Certification list to match the formatting in Apportionment 
  • Exported new user profiles from production to training sites 

Production Release Version 2.18 (08/31/2021)

  • License Certification and Apportionment module updates made to styling, icons, number fields, dollar fields, list page, dashboard page and other clean up  
  • Apportionment module PDF reports and capability to publish apportionments 
  • Improved user authorization and roles in license certification module  
  • Resolved test findings in workflow and naming conventions  
  • Added “locked” icons on license certification and apportionment module dashboard 
  • Updated currency and number fields across the application
  • Fixed performance reporting to allow partial acres and not just whole numbers  
Production Release Version 2.17 (07/16/2021)

  • Enhanced grant proposal report to include grant funding program and added scientific and common names for species performance report 
  • Added colored headers to match application to PDF grant proposal and performance report and modified naming to Annual 
  • Time Zone issue fixed for Mariana’s Islands and Guam to address date conversion for users over international date lines 
  • Uploaded new vendor list, copied new production users to training, and imported funding from Grant Solutions into application 
  • Calendar date fields changed to new format of YYYY-MM-DD (previously MM/DD/YYYY)
Production Release Version 2.16 (06/15/2021)

  • Rework of mapper to expand capabilities of the backend framework 
  • Final performance report format to summarize quantitative metrics across all periods of performance 

Production Release Version 2.15 (06/11/2021)

  • Warning added to attachments form to avoid uploading compliance documentation 
  • Hotfix to 404 error page to display text for SAML request failure and to minimize future errors 
  • Temporary removal of Admin module from the Global View Role to prevent users from seeing the module before completed 
  • Deployed CSS cleanup and fixes across all modules 
  • New Icons for apportionment and license certification module 
  • Deployed Prime NG update and cleanup 
  • Deactivated activity tag add button until an activity tag is selected to prevent errors 
  • Grant Copy Forward fixed for indirect cost statement copy forward; verified that the EIN was working properly and addressed errors related to CMS copy forward 
  • Improved help text with Grant and Project Statement Modules to include additional lines  
  • Modified Project Statement Module to remove hunter education certificate activity  
  • Remove the total objective summary row on performance report output table, and added additional help text within the performance report 
  • Typo fix in automated funding source email 
  • Real Property Grantor/Seller/Vendor field increased in length 
  • Fixed SOLR escape characters to prevent error when entering special characters (/,”) during in record search 
  • Change to search field on list pages to use “AND” operator than “OR” to increase results 
  • Added popup warning to inform user when ITIS database is unavailable 

Production Release Version 2.14 (04/26/2021)

  • Copy forward fix to the field title to match after copy
  • Mapper improvements including services, improved accuracy, geographic intersection tuning, verification of mapping services  
  • Project Statement Amendment table within Grant Module updated to display approval status   
  • Legacy PRISM data imported from Grant Solutions 
  • Bug fix to CMS project statements ‘0’ value for number of target species 
  • Improved mapper multi-polygon calculation, improved accuracy and fine-tuned spatial cross references  
  • Improvements to notifications, including: reminder emails at timed intervals, removal of double notification on return to previous step action, added approver name to the Project Statement Final Approval email, and allow diverting to multiple email addresses to support testing within the Performance Module  
  • Added search for a desired Facility by facility or site name when reporting on an activity in the Grant Performance report 
  • Updated filters for reports to show all filter results. Removed other filters with unlimited results   
  • Uploaded new PRISM grants and vendors lists from Grant Solutions  
  • Updated Facilities Module to indicate if a facility is under or over 25k, and display more than one subaccount for legacy funding sources  
  • Bug fix for adding a Territory (or non-State) location to new project statement to uncheck WMA location by default  
  • SOLR report fix to filter scroll bar to show all results 
  • List page search clean up to return more accurate results
  • Bug fix for a value of <1 on activities (acres, miles, feet) within the project statement and performance report

Production Release Version 2.13 (03/18/2021)

  • Performance Matrix Updated - see notes here:
  • Updated application to Angular 11
  • Emptied, cleared and adjusted notification logs eliminate malformed email warnings user has new name/email format 
  • Increased upload file size to allow 50 MB  
  • Updated user interface unit testing to work with Angular 11 
  • Removed Organization ID field from the contact table  
  • Updated vendor list from FBMS in the application  
  • Attachment popup modified to allow users to add more than 8 attachments  
  • Fixed attachment errors related to Attachment Type selection 
  • Added links to attachment errors related to Attachment Type Selection  
  • Added “Attachment” Field for Indirect cost statement  
  • Fixed error requiring a field tag selection for attachments  
  • Grant Solutions award import script updated to reflect new format 
  • Fixed error on ‘useful life’ field within Facilities Module PDF 
  • Reviewed and added new validations to Real Property and Facilities Modules 
  • Inventory Module icons updated on dashboard pages  
  • Updated application to match matrix Activity Tag 1 within Project Statements  
  • Fixed validation error on species quantity to prevent zero entry 
  • Fix to allow project statements to copy forward regardless of the approval status 
  • Updated Facilities Module to distinguish reporting on facilities  25K and under  
  • Updated report filter list to support longer filter results with new scroll down capability  
  • Fixed objective ordering in the Grant Proposal report to match application ordering  
  • Updates to the user management report to include additional columns 
  • Fixes to the Real Property Report columns  

Production Release Version 2.12 (02/02/2021)

  • Added “copy forward” feature that allows users to copy a grant and selected project statements to seed a new grant record (Visit Lesson 2e: Copy Forward for more details) 
  • Updated the inventory dashboards with new icons 
  • When creating a new contact, user can enter an organization by hand or select from a list of previously used organizations  
  • Updated Contact field Grant Proposal  “Grant Specialist” to “Federal Grant Specialist” within the Grant Module 
  • New SOLR report added on the Grant Report page to show all grants regardless of approval stages  
  • Fixed SOLR report to show Activity Tag 2 for Grant Project Statements 
  • Mapper added to Species Stocking activity within the Performance Report 
  • New ability to add hybrid or specialty species selection to activity report within Performance Reports module  
  • Fixed mysterious floating “a” on top corner of Performance Report page. 
  • Real Property & Facilities PDF adjustments to show real property and facilities adjustments 
  • Fixed PDF loading errors across the application 
  • Visual changes to filed names across the application 
  • User Management Module bug fix that prevented group names from being edited 
  • Fixed SAPPO error on Grant Proposal within Grant Module to allow blanks 
  • Fixed WMA legacy field error that pulled from wrong table and printed county instead 
  • Fixes for v2.12 errors found in testing. Fixed “AND” search issues where SOLR report would error if you filtered on an “empty” SAPPO number within new contact field. 
  • Change to allow users to add more than one activity when multiple options present 
  • Fixed WMA typo for Clinch Mountain from original state data  
  • Fixed  Organization Type typo on a dropdown list within Grant Module 
  • Fixed WMA data errors due to conversion issues 
  • Removed PLSS and NVCS stub data from service response test data 
  • Added legacy grantee column in Real Property Module to display legacy grantee names 
  • Validation error fixed on “Titled To” field within the Real Property Module  
  • Facilities module backend test coverage expanded 

Production Release Version 2.11 (01/10/2021)

  • Activity Tag 2s updated to align with the Matrix (visit the Activity Tag 2s Update announcement for more details)
  • Added Liquibase script to delete database artifacts unnecessary for production system 
  • Researched impact to production data for Activity Tag 2 from production update. 8 project statements were impacted and individuals contacted  
  • Objective list order in Project Statements PDF changed to ‘alphabetical’ from ‘last modified’ 

2020 Release Notes

Visit the Highlights of 2020 Updates announcement for a recap of the releases in 2020!

Production Release Version 2.10 (12/23/2020)

  • SORL report added for Real Property available via the reports dashboard page 
  • Backend fix to SOLR report to improve overall function and efficiency 
  • Updated fields in the Grant Performance report 
  • New fields added, visual changes and updates to PDF’s within Facilities and Real Property module  
  • Global fixes to PDF tables and visual adjustments across reports 
  • PDF link bug in Real Property corrected   
  • Warning message when no period of performance referenced in Grant Solutions data 
  • Mapper visual adjustments for shapefile uploads focusing on the Grant module 
  • Fixed Facilities Module field on administrative adjustments causing a 500 error 
  • Fixed validation error with Fee Simple selection along with all fields selected within Real Property 
  • 500 error fixed when primary habitat deleted within current Fish and Wildlife Habitat table 
  • Table added to Real Property records to view legacy-only data 
  • User Administrators can now disable/enable users within their Organization ​
  • Database changes and cleanup for Real Property, added columns to support additional legacy fields 
  • Updated missing min/max spatial data within tracs 2 locale table 
  • US Cert junit security update 
  • Increased entity test coverage to include: Abstract Entity, Facility Adjustment, Grant Entity, Objective Report, Organization, Project Statement, TRACS User & Project Statement Report 
  • Updated deprecated java methods used for testing 

Production Release Version 2.9 (11/15/2020)

  • Added capability to select WMAs (Wildlife Management Areas) on Real Property records
  • Added Real Property fields to the Performance Report PDF in the Performance Module
  •  Added Working Group Facilities fields to the Performance Report PDF in the Performance Module
  • Swapped images to JPG format for higher resolution and better performance
  • Security updates to spring boot package
  • Fixed history items bug with excessive memory usage
  • Refined color name usage in application
  • Created view for the facility spatial data map service within the Facility Module
  • Test coverage for Real Property, Real Property Adjustments, Site, and Facility entity List Service
  • Updated WSFR vendors list within application
  • Updated link to WSFR training portal in the User Management Module

Production Release Version 2.8 (11/15/2020)

  • Added capability for shapefile point data to the mapper in the Facilities Module
  • Adjusted shapefile attribute titles in the mapper 
  • Added footer to notification emails
  • Application now prohibits emails from being sent to inactive accounts
  • Fixed issue with deleting a species from the Real Property Module under acquisition purpose
  • New report created for QA/QC quarterly of users within the SOLR Report Module
  • Fixed issue with deleting an approved Real Property record
  • Increased title field length within the Inventory Module
  • Updated Prime NG icons to latest release
  • Correction to prevent edits to non-editable fields
  • Test coverage for Grant Summary, FBMS Search and overall grant module

Production Release Version 2.7 (11/15/2020)

  • Improvements to Liquibase for GIS
  • Correction to allow PI (Principal Investigator) change under Minor Correction status

Production Release Version 2.6 (11/15/2020)

  • Real Property List page improvements, including loading delay, additional columns, and added title to the delete popup
  • Added Activity Tag 2 column to SOLR reports
  • Moved points of contacts to earlier in the grant proposal workflow
  • Fixed phone number bug when editing contact information in User Management Module
  • Fixed backend activity reports for species and habitat related to mapper updates
  • Created view for the real property spatial data map service
  • Updated SOLR version throughout the application
  • Fixed view that was out of sync with SOLR within the Report Module
  • Added web link to performance matrix when creating a new objective
  • Improvements to PDFs within Grant and Real Property Modules 
  • Styling improvement to grant lists within the Performance module
  • Removal spatial quality validation except for real property
  • Added validation to adjustments within Facility and Real Property Modules
  • Testing added to Performance Approval Overview within Performance Module

Production Release Version 2.5 (9/10/2020)

  • Notification emails added for project statement approvals and disapprovals within the performance module.
  • New global administration and view only roles added to facilitate system administration and view only data access.
  • Shape-file upload capability added for strategies that require polygon or point data.
  • Additional fields added to PDF reports for facility and real property records.
  • Legacy real property records, reviewed and approved by regional staff, deployed to production.
  • Additional columns added to the grant list page to support additional search and shorting options.
  • “Spatial Quality” field removed from the Inventory Module. Field name changed to “Polygon Digitization Accuracy” in the Performance Module.
  • Direct link to SOBA documentation added for facility dock components in the Facility Module.
  • Federal and Non-federal points of contact added to the Inventory Module.
  • ‘GO’ links for adjustments within real property and facilities fixed to lead directly to the missing data fields.
  • Previous adjustments within the real property module are now visible.
  • Script to copy users created in production to the training site now copies new organizations too.
  • Test coverage within facilities and real property increased to cover a larger percentage of code to verify that the application works properly upon deployment.
  • New application log server configured to help diagnose application issues and identify bugs more easily.

Production Release Version 2.4 (09/03/2020)

  •  Increased the speed in which the list of Wildlife Management Areas loads with the location selection within the geographical location section under project statements.
  • The list pages for Site and Facilities module improved to scale well with increased usage and faster loading.
  • Adding a new section for ‘point of contact’ within the facilities module to allow future point of contact notifications for federal and non-federal contacts.
  • The SOLR index which creates the reports for the performance module now runs overnight to keep reports up-to-date.
  • The comment field for components under facilities has been moved. You can now create comments and add attachments for individual components instead of commenting on all components on a facilities level.
  • A bug was found in acquisition purpose adjustments that prevented the user from finalizing the action. The validation was corrected allowing the adjustments to be completed.
  • New users now only have to create a single account on the production site and an account is automatically created on the training site. Training accounts can be manually created as needed.
  • The WSFR vendor list version from 8/1/2020 produced from FBMS has been updated in the system.
  • The database had a cleanup action removing all duplicate columns from the real property module.

Production Release Version 2.3 (8/26/2020)

  • Export function added to grant reports and style clean up within the Performance Module
  • Updates deployed to Grant Proposal PDF in the Performance Module
  • Updates to grant, programs, minor corrections, validation added and the financial page cleaned up within the Performance Module
  • Updated Wildlife Management Area (WMA) data in the Performance Module
  • Real Property Module updates to the NOFP field, additional validation and round up tickets
  • Performance Module improvements to Custom/Hybrid Species search field
  • Environment notification popup created to indicate non-production environments (e.g. Beta, Train or Dev)
  • New features added to group management section in the User Management Module
  • Fix within the Performance Module to allow user to navigate a project statement backwards through the approval process for the creation of an amendment
  • Test coverage increased to cover a larger percentage of code to verify the application works properly on deployment
  • Updated FBMS vendor list

Production Release Version 2.2 (7/24/2020)

  • New functionality for user administrators within the User Management Module to allow for more complete user management
  • New feature in Performance Module to allow custom/hybrid species to be defined
  • Email notification when a project statement or performance report moves forward through the approval process
  • Attachment Types presented as an ordered hierarchy with more choices for file types throughout the application
  • Updated fields within the Facilities Module, including number of linear feet and number of slips
  • Added field validation to verify that users enter correct data within the Performance and Real Property Modules 
  • Adjusted decimal places for acres or dollar amounts to two decimals for dollar amounts and 4 decimals for acreage
  • Search results improvements for marine species search, including applying the ‘AND’ operator which provides more targeted results
  • Homepage footer link updated to return the user to the Home Page
  • Change to minor corrections within the Performance Module to restrict uneditable fields
  • Improvements to the application reports within the Performance Module
  • Added report fields for the grant proposal and project statement PDF View and download in the Performance Module
  • Performance Module program income missing data error fixed when user selected FBMS account numbers
  • Updated help text popups across entire application
  • Finalized DOI SAML on Login page to support PIV card users
  • Fixed error popup for entering species stocking number in the Performance Module
  • Fixed data location boxes throughout the Performance Module