Check out the TRACS Resources and Links PDF handout for an overview of available resources to learn how to use TRACS. The following resources are designed to be training/job aids to assist state and federal users in collecting information as required for data entry in TRACS. The training materials contain essential information for the user to make full use of the TRACS system. 

TRACS Performance Matrix Toolbox (tools to build your objectives)

Matrix Version 21 - Last Updated 7/3/2024

The TRACS Performance Matrix lists the standardized strategies, objectives and activities that meet grant requirements. Applicants should refer to the Performance Matrix and related tools in order to determine what strategy-objective-activity combination(s) should be selected for their objectives and the reportable metrics that will be required during performance reporting. It is important to note that the matrix and related tools are updated periodically under the direction of the TRACS Working Group, so it is best to access them via the training portal when needed. Please ensure you have the latest version of the Matrix to reference and review the Matrix Revision Log to see the list of changes and revisions. Also see the TRACS Matrix Changes and Legacy Objectives Job Aid.

Performance Matrix 

Strategy Fact Sheets 

TRACS Templates: 

The following templates are training/job aids to assist States/Territories in collecting information and translating existing grants into a format compatible with the requirements for data entry into TRACS at the grant proposal and project statement levels, and for performance reporting.

Looking for grant and project statement examples? Visit the Standard Project Statements page.

Grant Process Workflow Diagrams

TRACS Manuals, Job Aids and Quick Reference Guides: 

TRACS training is organized by courses and lessons that cover a workflow and series of steps in TRACS. Course manuals and job aids are located on each course page.

Miscellaneous Resources

Review the TRACS Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page for information by topic.

Standard Project Statements

The standard project statement samples are meant to be used as training aids. While some of the information provided in the project statement is based upon factual data, the entire project statement is not meant to represent an actual project statement or state agency. 

Hosting your own session? Visit the TRACS Facilitators/Instructors Information page for helpful resources.

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